Who works with us?

Meet our Therapists

  • Adele Hehir

    Adele Hehir


    Adele is a certified therapist in both Neuro Training and Kinesiology (NTK), a registered professional of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) and Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

  • Addison Levens

    Dr. Addison Levens

    Osteopath M.Ost, Spop.

    Dr Addison Levens (Osteopath) M.Ost, Spop. graduated from the British School Of Osteopathy, London England in 2015. A few months after Addison decided to further his knowledge and interest in the field of Paediatrics. He developed …

  • Dr. Annette Richardson

    Dr. Annette Richardson

    Osteopath BSc. Hons

    Dr Annette Richardson (Osteopath) BSc.  trained at The College of Osteopaths, London, England in 2000.  Highly experienced Osteopath with great interest in the treatment of Babies, Children & Pre / Post Natal Care. Annette is a skill…

  • Jo Raymond

    Jo Raymond


    Jo emigrated from UK 8 yrs ago with her husband & three children.
    She has worked in various roles. Jo recently joined the clinic as Head Receptionist which she is very excited about. She has a great interest in all the Holistic Health modalities …

  • Lauretta Peirce

    Lauretta Peirce

    Naturopath / Kinesiologist

    Lauretta Peirce is an experienced practitioner in the Natural Health Industry; she is a registered member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association & holds a Level 2 Specialist Kinesiologist membership with the Australian Kinesiology Association.

  • Luella Knuckey

    Luella Knuckey


    Luella Knuckey is an eighteen year old gap year student with enthusiasm for nature. She is an amateur musician and a keen reader. She also love walking her dogs along the beach and learning new things about the human body.